How To Hire Senior Software Developers When There Is More Demand Than Supply

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Chances are if you have tried to hire an IT professional in the US market, you have experienced first hand the high demand and lack of supply of experienced developers, server admins, security specialists, technical officers, and other IT professionals. The market demand for these professionals is projected to continue to grow faster than the availability of quality local candidates. In Utah, the state where we are headquartered, the unemployment rate for software developers is near 0%, with the most job applicants consisting of professionals looking for higher offers. This has created an inflated market for wages in the IT industry compared to other industries.

However, the rising demand for IT professionals is worldwide, not just in the US. Recently, a number of UK companies have decided to outsource their cyber security jobs. The demand for cyber security in these companies has far exceeded their budgets and they have been forced to outsource for lower costs to address the concerns.

In order for most companies to accomplish their IT goals within their budget, they need to consider outsourcing. Large companies have been outsourcing for years. However, for most small companies and startups, the thought of outsourcing is sometimes a daunting task. To navigate the outsourcing industry small companies should first seek a local technical resource with outsourcing experience. The technical resource is then available to help them through the process and make sure they make the right hiring decision and help to review the progress of their project at key milestones. It will always be worth the investment of the small company as it helps to significantly minimize risk.