For many entrepreneurs, especially those with more business than technology focus, understanding what goes into software architecture and what you should expect in return is difficult. Software architecture is a skill only a select few highly skilled software engineers are able to do well. As it requires more than just knowledge of a software, technology, framework, business process, or codebase to do successfully. Additionally, it can be difficult to predict how much time you should budget towards planning a software versus actually coding it. Surely at some point there is a diminishing return where planning anything for an additional N hours will only result in a fractional improvement.

We recently stumbled on this presentation by Juval Lowy, a very well respected software architect. The space is something that is constantly evolving and shaping. However, there is a fair amount you can glean from this presentation, even if you are not a member of the tech crowd. It should at minimum provide you with a framework of expectations of what you should get from software architecture and an idea for how much time and effort you should put into planning the architecture.